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Der größte Marktplatz für Jäger und Schützen in DE, AT, CH

Franz. Mittelalterschwert, 14. Jhdt.

149,00 €

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22113, Hamburg-Mitte, Hamburg, Deutschland


Sword reproduction, made of metal with a removable leather scabbard.The cross and the pommel of the sword bear an inscription in vulgar Latin that means: "Kept by a dragoon that does not sleep, in the name of the truth".The sword was generally the preferred weapon of the medieval knights for their combats. The owners liked to personalize it - some even received names - and the sword was considered both a weapon and a symbol because the blade and hilt are cross-shaped.The most common sword was the so-called bastard sword or "of hand and average", straight and with double edge, whose length oscillated between 100 and 120 cm, and weighed between 1200 and 2000 grams, which allowed an agile handling in the battlefield.Other larger swords were the so-called long sword (longsword), upright, “mandoble” or broadsword, which could reach two meters or more and weigh up to four kilograms. They we...

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